A Canine Rescue Organization
Microchip Registration

A microchip is a passive electronic device. It is about the size of a piece of long grain rice and is injected under the skin of the dog. It cannot be tracked with a gps device. It holds a numeric or alpha-numeric code that is typically between 10 and 16 digits long and is unique to your dog.

When you adopt a dog from Cedar Farm, after the first week of your dog’s life with you, we ask that you go online and register yourself as the owner. Cedar Farm currently uses 24PetWatch microchips and have used HomeAgain chips in the past. Some of the dogs that come into Cedar Farm already have a microchip and may have been registered to a previous owner.

If your dog has a 24PetWatch microchip then click here to go to their registration page. Just follow the prompts and supply the requested information. There is no cost to you for the registration and no continuing or future cost to you to remain registered as the dog’s owner.

If your dog’s microchip has been previously registered, the easiest thing to do is to call the microchip distributor and tell them that you have adopted a dog from Cedar Farm. They will ask you for the microchip number and for proof of adoption. The contract that you signed when you adopted your dog from Cedar Farm is what they will need. They will talk with you and assist you with the “change ownership” process.

If your dog has a microchip that is not a 24PetWatch chip, or if you have difficulty with this process, please feel free to call us at 336-251-8877 and we will be happy to assist you.