A Canine Rescue Organization

We know that since you are visiting our site that you are a dog lover!  Most of you are considering adopting a rescued dog and we THANK YOU for your interest in opening your hearts and homes to these truly deserving dogs.  Many of you may not have room to house another dog but you would love to help a dog in need .  Your living arrangement may not permit you to have a dog or your personal circumstances may not be conducive to caring properly for a dog.  But you see all of the dogs that need a home – their sweet faces on the adoption sites draw you in and you read of their dire beginnings or the thoughtless humans that dumped them like garbage and you want to help.


Together we can save them!


Whether you donate $20 or $200 or $2,000 – ANY amount helps with the spays and neuters, the vaccinations, the veterinarian visits, the microchips and registrations, the prescriptions, the “surprise” medical expenses such as heartworm treatments, eye surgeries or broken bones. Our vetting costs can be staggering and even the normal care of a healthy dog can be overwhelming but together we can make a difference.

Cedar Farm , Inc. is a registered non-profit corporation with the State of North Carolina and has been granted 501c3 status by the IRS.  Donations to Cedar Farm, Inc are tax-deductible.